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Community Partnership in Financing Lifelong Learning Programs in Saudi Universities

Basic Education College Magazine For Educational and Humanities Sciences
Volume 0, Issue 39, Autumn 2018, Page 250-266
Layal hamad alqasem; Asma a alnuwaysir


Potentials for Recycling Residential Solid Waste in Mosul City

Volume 34, Issue 109, Summer 2012, Page 9-27
Dr.Obey Al- Wattar; Sahar Mahmood


Requirementsto the Application of Privatization in Iraqi Sports Clubs FromMembers of theirAdministration Point of View

Al-Rafidain Journal For Sport Sciences
Volume 22, Issue 70, Autumn 2019, Page 1-13
oday ghanem alkawaz; Muhammad Abdulwahab Aziz


The Development of the Suez Canal and Projects Competitors

journal of Economics And Administrative Sciences/ University of baghdad
Volume 22, Issue 91, Summer 2016, Page 340-352


عبد الرحمن الجلیلی وإسهاماته فی مجلس الاعمار

اداب الرافدین
Volume 49, Issue 77, Spring 2019, Page 501-534
محمد ولید عبد صالح